Ultimately whats important is how you felt.


BLVCK is a culinary collective for the culture combining food, design, visual art, and education to encourage dialogue and inclusion in our everyday worlds. A creation by chefs Khoran Horn and Gerald Allen, BLVCK is where refinement meets concrete. At any of our events you might sip on a perfectly-crafted Sazerac, enjoy hand-shaped tortellini...all while listening to Wu-Tang and discussing Trump's newest blunder. The opportunities are not limited to simply eating, but more so the options are endless. Expect collaborations, unlikely partnerships, and exclusive content that challenge the status quo of what it means to "dine". Revel in a room full of strength, elegance and brilliant conversation that stimulate a shift in who we are as a people.


Our Partners

We choose our partners with intent and purpose. Ultimately the product we put out has to be founded in the proper growing practices for us to get behind it. All of our partners are family owned, Pennsylvania / New Jersey based, and the growing practices are amongst the cleanest standards. Clean can mean a lot, so lets break it down: organic, sustainably sourced, and/or with integrated pest management (IPM) to ensure we are taking care of the environment while we nourish ourselves. All of these standards should lead to a meal that is unforgettable...you are all welcome.